Steel and Forging Ingots

Stainless Steel Ingots & Forging Ingots

Paras Steels manufactures steel ingots in a broad variety of thickness and dimensions to meet the requirements of different industrial usages and applications. Developed to meet the highest benchmarks of quality, our steel and forging ingots are widely used by ring rollers and forgers in the manufacture of parts like gears, flanges, bearings, valves, fasteners, machine tools, daily equipments, surgical & medical parts, and so on.

An ingot is a material, in most cases metallic, cast into a shape suitable for further processing. Depending upon the application it is to be used for, it is required to have a cross-section which may be polygonal, round, oval, square or rectangular-shaped. Cast iron ingot molds play a vital role in determining the quality of the finished ingots, because the manufacturing involves the freezing of a molten liquid metal in a cast iron ingot mold. Paras Steels takes several precautions in selecting the ingot molds from several options of designs which are built to suit differing physical properties of the liquid metal and the solidification process. Achieving an appropriate grain structure required for later processing, ease of ingot handling and minimizing liquid metal wastage are key considerations.


•   4” by 5” by 26.5” weighing 65 kgs approx.
•   4” by 5” by 39” weighing 95 kgs approx.
•   5” by 6” by 36” weighing 140 kgs approx.
•   5.5” by 6.5” by 26”weighing 115 kgs approx.
•   5.5” by 6.5” by 40” weighing 175 kgs approx.
•   7” by 8” by 47” weighing 330 kgs approx.
•   7” by 8” by 57” weighing 390 kgs approx.
•   8” by 9” by 47” weighing 400 kgs approx.
•   8” by 9” by 58” weighing 500 kgs approx.
•   10” by 11” by 45” weighing 625 kgs approx.
•   11” by 13” by 58” weighing 1050 kgs approx.
•   13” by 15” by 60” weighing 1500 kgs approx.
•   14” by 16” by 63” weighing 1800 kgs approx.

Supply Conditions

Stainless Steel Ingots•   Suitable for re-rolling, forging, ring rolling and up-setting.
•   Cold sawable
•   Stamped with heat no, grade, sizes and weight
•   Free of surface defects and cracks
•   100% material identity tested through handheld XRF.

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