Stainless Steel Bright Bars

Stainless Steel Bright Bars

Paras Steels is an acknowledged player in the manufacturing and supply of stainless steel bright bars. We specialize in producing all kinds of peeled and polished bright bars in accordance with our customers’ specifications. These products find wide application in sectors such as machined components, pump shafts, valves, fasteners, machine tools, dairy equipment, surgical & medical parts, threaded bars, studs, bolts, pins, hinges and handle manufacturing.

As with all the other products, these SS bright bars are produced to exacting standards and in varying thickness and diameters as required by individual clients. A rigorous quality and testing process is in place to assess and rectify any potential flaws. We have highly sophisticated inspection equipment in place to ensure that the quality of the stainless steel round bars is of the highest order. Some of the important characteristics and attributes of these products are listed as under:

Diameters in Millimetres: 22mm to 100mm

Supply Conditions

Steel Bright Bars•   Peeled and polished Bar
•   Free of surface defects/cracks
•   Cold shearable/cold sawable
•   100% ultrasonically tested : okay up to 100 mm
•   Smooth ends (without burrs) and no sharp edges.
•   100% material identity tested through handheld XRF

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