Stainless Steel Round Bars

Stainless Steel Round Bars

At Paras Steels, we manufacture high-grade Hot Rolled Black Stainless Steel Round Bars that find varied and wide usage in applications such as ring rolling, forging and upsetting. These round bars are of great importance in producing valves, bearings and gears to name just a few. High-quality steel round bars also add significant value to manufacturers of machined components, surgical and medical parts, pump shafts, fasteners, studs, bolts, pins and other daily use equipment. We select the ingot size most suited to individual customer requirements, resulting in sound, reliable round bars. We are careful about maintaining optimum levels of reduction ratios. Similarly, we pay particular importance to preserving a consistent diameter along the full length of the stainless steel round bars to boost the ability to cut parts to exacting weight controls. Longer lengths of round bars also play a key role in reducing material handling besides raising the overall productivity.

The stainless steel round bars manufactured at Paras Steels come in various thickness and dimensions customized in accordance with varying industrial usage. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for the finest quality and superior polish of these products. Every single finished piece that leaves the premises is subjected to rigorous testing and inspection, thus ensuring a near-zero-defect record. Listed below are a few key attributes and characteristics of our stainless steel round bars:

Diameter in milimeters: 25mm to 152 mm

Supply Conditions

Steel Round Bars•   Hot rolled (black) surface – a rolled condition
•   Free of surface defects/cracks
•   Cold shearable/cold sawable
•   100% ultrasonically tested : okay up to 100 mm
•   Smooth ends (without burrs) and no sharp edges.
•   100% material identity tested through handheld XRF.

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