Stainless Steel Forged Rounds

Stainless Steel Forged Rounds

At Paras Steels, we manufacture a large range of stainless steel forged rounds. We are considered amongst the prominent producers and suppliers of these products, which earn wide appreciation for the versatility of their application in industries like construction of bus bodies, grills and shutters. In accordance to our high standards of customer-centric practices, we offer a great deal of customization in the sizes and dimensions of forged rounds, depending upon individual specifications and needs. Since each of our products is tested and inspected with the highest levels of quality-conscious protocol, it is ensured that they meet and exceed expectations for truly world-class quality, reliability, high tensile strength and durability.

Listed below are a few key features and characteristics of our stainless steel forged rounds:

Diameter in millimetres: 150mm to 320 mm

Supply Conditions

Forged Rounds•   Hot forged (black) surface – a forged condition
•   Free of surface defects/cracks
•   Cold shearable/cold sawable
•   Smooth ends (without burrs) and no sharp edges.
•   100% material identity tested through handheld XRF.

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